Google Docs Tips About Working

Google Docs Tips About Working

This lesson is very important for readers who want to know how can we use Google Docs. Google Docs is an online word processor web-based application and used more than Microsoft Word online. In this article, you will learn simple tips about Google Docs, Like the landscape, strikethrough, double space and margin. Let’s start it…

How to change Landscape on Google Docs?

Most people using portrait view in google docs. But they don’t know about google docs landscape view. Follow these steps and easily change pageview portrait to landscape.

Open Google Docs >>> Click on File >>> Select Page Setup. After this popup forum appears on your screen. Simple click on Landscape option and click OK button.

Now your pageview changed in landscape view and easily work on it.

How To Strikethrough on Google Docs?

Mostly strikethrough option is used when we need to explain opinion without expressions. But it’s working is a little bit different than any other software. So most of the people search on google how to strikethrough on google docs.

Highlight your required text and go to Format in menu and select Text and then click on Strikethrough.

After this, you will be seen your highlighted text style change to strikethrough format. Same like I apply for your better understanding.

How To Change Margin Setting on Google Docs?

Again we apply the same process we used in landscape on google. Go to file and select page setup. After the same popup forum appears on your screen.  Now here you will be seen google docs margins option. For your easy guideline, I am here showing with you.

After when you change margin and click on OK. All margin apply to your documents.

Best Printer For Printing Google Docs Documents.

Overall when we research about best printers for google docs I just find out one brand on Epson. Epson l220 is best for this purpose. If you have Epson printer but don’t have drivers simple download Epson l220 driver. Believe on me about it’s working I personally recommend it for its fast printing and better graphics.

This is a useful article for learning more about google docs. So don’t forget to share it with your friends on Social media. Knowledge is power and sharing is caring.

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